Ortho Roll Cast Padding / Soft Roll

Ortho Roll Cast Padding / Soft Roll

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Ortho Roll Cast Padding (Soft Roll)


  • Non sterile, non-woven fabric material
  • The white cast padding is non- woven and is made using viscose fibers, which brings comfort to the patient while plastered. These cast padding are used before any type of bandage to protect the skin or where swelling is expected. Specially used for sensitive or tender skin, these cast padding can also be used as Leg Roll, Long sponges etc.


  • Cast Paddings give excellent skin tolerance.
  • Perfectly conforms to your body contours, allowing easy body movements.
  • It acts as a cushion between the skin and the plaster.
  • Prevents skin maceration.
  • There are less chances of pressures sores occurring in your body.
  • The padding allows normal breathing of the skin.
  • Absorbs exudates and sweat.
  • Permeable to air, cast padding avoids chances of skin irritation and maceration.

Size & Packaging: 

10 cm x 3 mtrs (15piece/pouch, 18pouch/cartoon)

15 cm x 3 mtrs (10 piece/pouch, 18 pouch/cartoon)