Garbage Bag / Waste Carry Bag

Garbage Bag / Waste Carry Bag

Material: HDPE, LDPE, PE

Size: Customized

Thickness: Customized

Type:  Printed dog garbage bag

Color: Yellow, Black, Red, Blue

Printing: can be printed up to10 customer’s requirement.


  • Good quality, best service and best price.
  • As per GWP (Global Warming Potential)
    • Does not create methane in anaerobe landfills.
    • 170 times better than cotton bag
    • 5 times better than a paper bag
    • 4 times better than a “bag for life”
  • Compared to paper bag
    • 8 times lighter
    • Needs 5 times less transportation energy
    • Needs 30 up to times less energy to be produced
    • Needs 30 times less water to be produced
  • Recyclable

Application:   Suitable for medical or health project, supermarkets, home, hotels, and stores use.

Segregation (Keeping apart) in Color coded bags

Black bag:      Needles without syringes, blades, sharps & all metal articles

Blue bag:        All types of glass bottles & broken glass articles, out dated and discarded medicines.

Red bag:         Plastic waste such as catheters, injections, syringes, tubing, IV bottles.

Yellow bag:    Infections waste bandage, s. gauzes, cotton or any other thongs in contact with body fluids human body parts placenta

Packing: 50 Kg